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Trinity Lake Tributary Trout

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Trinity Tributary TroutA personal favorite early season (late winter, spring, early summer) trip that throttles into full gear well before the "general trout opener (April)" and fishes solid through June. Magnificent beauty and scenic trout option targeting the freestone rivers and "Bocas" (rivermouths) that feed and nurture northern California's fourth largest lake---Trinity Lake. Forever changing, moody and greatly influenced by current weather and water conditions, these gems hide their secrets well.

Our trips will help unravel the complexities and dial you in to cultivate a feel for its moods/conditions and better understand the fisheries. Streamer, wet fly and dry options all can happen and inspire 12-18" rainbow, brown, unique land-locked steelhead and smallmouth bass to migrate, settle in and actively feed. It is all but haunting wading and fishing tributary rivermouths flowing into rich and fertile lake that supports 145 miles of shoreline --- A magnum rearing pond of exceptional proportions that at the right time and place can deliver bulk, occasionally in unsuspecting trophy sizes... A trip out of the ordinary-This ones for you!