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To most anglers, the ultimate challenge in fresh water fly fishing is the legendary Steelhead on the Trinity River. There is nothing more exciting, fulfilling, addictive or down right mind-boggling than an explosive surface rise or arm-wrenching tight line grab from these elusive ghosts of the coast.


Trinity River Steelhead fly fishing

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No bones about it---We are devoted Traditional Steelheaders. Advocating, teaching and guiding traditional dry-wet line, single and double (switch-spey) hand fishing. These methods prove to be the ultimate level of accomplishment, exciting, extremely effective and most satisfying and preferred by devoted steelheaders. (We help you build confidence so YOU dig'em out!).

Learn – proper gear, coordinating fly selections with appropriate water compositions, fish migrations/behaviors, lore of the river and proper stream ethics. ExperienceHands-on Traditional down and across wet fly swings, surging grabs, specific casts associated with proper line control and manipulation to achieve bottom scouring drifts and detecting the take without the crutch of a float or bobber. Enjoy – the hair raising thrill of Greased Line methods, surface-subsurface steelheading as well as bizarre dry fly techniques sure to broaden your horizons and advance you to success while witnessing the roll of their eyes.

Come accept the ultimate challenge----Satisfy your temptations. Call us for more information at (530) 623-6757 or e-mail

September - October Steelhead

Fall SteelheadingHalf-pounders Lead Adults in the Trinity River. Exciting early season multiple hook-up opportunities for fresh run 12-17" chrome arrivals with occasional adults up to 8 lbs ..(Great confidence builder for those just starting out – not to mention great pump for all). Super time to push the limits with lightweight rods (both single and double hand Switch-Spey) and surface/sub-surface methods. Yeah – Get'em early. Don't wait for reports. Get out there and make'em.

October - November Trinity River Steelhead

Trinity Steelheading"Generally the bucket!" Indian Summer – Bursting colorful landscapes – restless adults averaging 5-8 lbs. are well distributed and receptive to a variety of traditional methods. The highlight before the press of winter and most definitely our most popular and desired time frame. Upper Trinity yields excellent single hand options---mid to lower river excellent double hand Switch & Spey rev-it-up waters. Advanced reservations strongly advised - Book Now - fun later. Go for the grab—Catch the Stoke!

December - April Trinity River Steelhead

Northern California SteelheadingSensitive time frame (all up to Ma Nature). However, it can be outrageous with some of the largest steelhead of the season available. Rare, reality fish up to 15lbs. Full-on cold/high water winter steelheading. Late season (late Jan.-Feb-Mar-April) dry fly options rule as predictable mid-day hatches inspire late winter adults to sip on drifting duns---often sending winter steelheaders for a tail spin---great way to heat up to cool down. Can be solid. Can be blown out. Trust Us: if fishing conditions are not favorable, we'll reschedule. Our commitment to you. Those yearning to cradle a slab – Book'em NOW!