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Echo ION fly reels

Echo ION Fly ReelsOne of the nicest fly reels we've seen in the "under $100" category, the new Echo ION from Rajeff sports. Four sizes are available accomodating line weights 4 through 12. Extra spools also available for multi line desires, ($39.99). Other features included with the Echo ION reel series are:


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Guide Satchels

Several years ago was the last time I put my vest on. Why? Because it was overloaded with everything but the kitchen sink, countless fly boxes, old fishing licenses, leaders/tippets by the bulk, smashed beer cans, litter and some pockets I was afraid to open because of the stains and unusual smell. Relate? While I may not be the most organized person I thought this is BS and there must be another way. Yes there is, and the answer did not come from the book but rather from spending years out in the field guiding. Each fish required specialized tackle and flies, having all your gear thrown in a vest was confusing.

Solution: Fly Satchels. Years ago we designed a simple, yet attractive modest sized fly satchel, Trinity Fly Shop logo and all, to carry our gear. Satchels are simply designed, supporting 5 pockets (3 zipped) of various sizes for easy access and inventory of most everything needed for a specific quarry. Our satchels comfortably fit three positions - over the shoulder or chest pack (out of the way of casting and deep water wading) and the detachable strap may be worn as a belt, and the satchel can be worn around the waist. The satchels are color coded (camo-blue-tan) for easy identification. One color represents specific fish or type fishing. Then select whichever one suits your needs.

Trinity Fly Shop Satchels are a great bang for the buck. Cost: only $29.95 each. Purchasing 2-3 is the cost of a single vest, with considerably more organized inventory. Fly satchels may not be the answer for everyone; however, we have enjoyed them for years and are simply lost or confused without them! You can find these on our Online Store.

Tan SatchelCamo SatchelBlue Satchel

Fly Fishing---Getting Started

Rods, reels, fly line, backing, waders - so many fly selections, so many cast techniques - when and where to go? Just how does one began to get started fly fishing? We constantly hear that question. Certainly it may seem overwhelming at first; however, if would-be fly fishers keep the learning curve simple, they'll greatly realize "learning how to fly fish" is much easier than anticipated. There are several ways to help get started. Local fly shops are a wealth of information, and generally offer "crash courses." Further, there is no better way to learn than suiting up and getting in the water.

Fly Clubs have been established throughout the state (generally each county supports a local club). Clubs offer monthly meetings, crash courses in fly fishing and tying - field outings, guest speakers and programs. Members are generally very willing to help those wanting to get their feet wet and stretch a line. Of course there are also internet sites, videos, and TV programs that offer informative fly fishing programs.

Curtis Creek Manifesto

Curtis Creek Manifesto

A really great publication to read, understand, and slap knees with laughter is the "Curtis Creek Manifesto" by Sheridan Anderson. For over 27 years this book has been one of our top sellers. An excellent intro book and reference guide for beginning fly fishing. In his very unique forum, Anderson covers tackle, casting, fishing, knots, reading water, techniques, fly typing and much more. Even if you don't enjoy reading, you'll love this off-the-wall, cartoon illustrated A-Z fly fishing publication. Truly a must for any beginner, and for those dedicated, and enjoy reading humor ... can't lose!!! This book retails for a whoop (hold on to your britches) ... $9.95. Available at Trinity Fly Shop 530.623.6757 or e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Great GIFT for any fisherman!