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The Simulator

Fly Tying No doubt large trout prey heavily upon bait fish and other large juicy morsels. The upper Trinity River supports some very large resident and sea-run varieties of trout that abide by the same rules. Trinity brown trout are aggressive, key-eyed gluttons that tend to take advantage of the intense hatchery salmon and steelhead planting programs. These artificial supplements complement the food chain and during those hatchery releases periods, brown trout and summer steelhead take advantage of downstream migrating juveniles. My husband, Herb, developed a streamer pattern many years ago (1973) to resemble the downstream migrating fry. He refers to this pattern as the “Simulator.”

The pattern itself maintains blending color tones that represent juvenile salmon and steelhead fry. The marabou breaths and adds a very life-like action to the pattern. While many associate streamer fishing with sinking lines and fishing their offerings deep, we advocate the use of floating lines and fishing the Simulator in somewhat of a Greased Line fashion. Quarter your cast across the main currents, mending downstream to enhance the arch of the swing and speed up the fly, then incorporate twitches to activate the fleeting action of a juvenile in distress.

Most strikes occur during the swing. However, some fish will chase and finally inhale the pattern during the strip in, often catching the angler off guard. Large quarry will often portray the old cat-and-mouse game of chase. Fished with floating lines and in-the-film, the Simulator has repeatedly earned its reputation for being a very large fish producing streamer for those who are willing and patient between strikes; therefore, sacrificing numbers for quality. The Simulator should be included in your large trout fly selection. However, Herb mentioned it is advisable to take the time to change your tippets to 2X. Quite often you will be glad you did!

The Simulator