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Steelhead Renegade

Fly TyingLong have interior rivers and their steelhead stocks fascinated us by their willingness to feed and preference for “buggy” natural tone fly patterns. Trinity River late summer-fall steelhead typically begins entering the lower river by mid-August/early September, maturing within the system, and finally spawning in late February-March-April. Unlike coastal late fall-winter stocks that mature in the ocean and literally race to their spawning grounds. Their long term in fresh water exposure allows them to become well acquainted with the aquatics related to the river; therefore they tend to favor dark, natural tone patterns representing specific aquatics or suggestive buggy-style patterns; Klamath-Trinity-Rogue are renown for the endless dark fly patterns styled/fashioned for their eager steelies. However during the height of the fall chinook-coho salmon runs there are times fish tend to show a preference for bright attractor patterns, especially during the height of the salmon spawn. Many years ago we modified the traditional wet fly, the “Renegade” and fashioned it for Trinity late summer-fall steelhead. We simply kicked it up a notch, adding a bright red tag and tail, ribbing the peacock with a silver wire, topping it off with a copper bead for depth, giving it the best of both looks, bright and buggy; dubbing it the “Steelhead Renegade”---a real go getter and much more than simply another fly choice.

Bright sun, overcast, dead drifted-lifting swing and complimenting a broad spectrum of waters/lighting conditions the Steelhead Renegade is a longtime favorite and has proven its effectiveness for half-pounders, adult steelhead and jack.  It tends to lose its effectiveness during the cold winter months when spawning has been completed and aquatic activity is minimal. Its short window of effectiveness is over shadowed by its ability to produce favorable results when other favorite fly selections can’t seem to get it done.  Give it a try this fall and hang on!!!

The Renegade