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The Silver Hilton

Fly TyingLike bread and butter the Silver Hilton is a steelhead and trout go-getter on both famed networks of the Klamath and Trinity Rivers. The fly was developed by Klamath/Trinity regulars (Roy Donnelly, Jim Prey and Lloyd Silvius) and used exclusively in the lower reaches of both waters, namely Willow Creek, Hoopa, Weitchpec, Blue Creek and Blakes. The Hilton is a stylish attractive pattern that reflects great color contrast (black – white- silver) and its beater winds add plenty of motion to provide a very lifelike aquatic. The pattern fish well throughout the entire Trinity River, especially during the fall months, and is also very productive in a variety of water conditions – low – high – clear and turbid. New versions including red and chartreuse green butts have also given new dimension to this pattern. Some long term anglers feel it is the only pattern needed to catch Trinity River steelhead. The Hilton’s attractive appearance and years of effectiveness has helped to make this traditional a favorite of all our staff. When in doubt, select a fly that was originated locally and earned its reputation from the past. Try a Silver Hilton!

Silver Hilton