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Trinity Fall Caddis

Fly Tying One of the most exciting aquatics to inspire both steelhead and brown trout to feed aggressively is the Fall Caddis. They are the largest Caddis in the western hemisphere and hatch annually from mid-September through mid-November. All stages – casing pupa, winged adult – are accepted; therefore, we have fashioned the following patterns to represent the entire Caddis cycle. The Burlap Caddis represents the casing and should be fished deep, both dead drifted and on the swing. The Rusty Caddis Pupa obviously duplicated the emerging pupa and is best fished on the swing with erratic twitches incorporated on the line to mimic the emerging pupation stage. The Greased Liner is fashioned to represent the winged adult and is fished in the film on a tight line skate. The surface skating commotion mimics the winged adult depositing the eggs on the water’s surface. The rise of a steelhead to a skating Caddis is excitingly explosive and forever a lasting memory. Want to increase you steelhead success – Inventory and fish these patterns!

Fall Caddis:

Trinity Burlap October Caddis Pupa Trinity adult Caddis
Hook- TMC 2302
Thread- Black
Tail/Collar - Hen Back
Body - Nat. Burlap
Collar - Ostrich/black
Hook -TMC 2302
Thread - Black
Tail - Partridge
Body - Org. Angora goat
Hackle - Partridge
Wing - Flashabou
Collar - Ostrich
Hook - TMC 2312
Thread - Orange
Tail - Elk/bucktail
Ribbing - brwn. hackle
Body - Angora Goat
Wing -Elk/bucktail