IT IS WHAT IT IS (Straight from the Line-ups)

Fishing offers vast avenues of exciting exploration-Beauty and the wild through a wet lens.

A man and his Muddler, veteran TR steelheader & Charo chief— Bob Burke.

A dominating high pressure system parked off the west coast, for the past month, continues to deliver an Indian summer with unseasonably warm, above average, temperatures. The lack of rain, low flows, glassy conditions and, to date, marginal salmon-steelhead returns, have proved challenging for both fish and fisherman. After a promising and cool semi- wet September who would have guessed, mid-day November, TR steelheaders would be wearing suntan lotion, t-shirts and sporting straw hats while running for the shadows.

“Their” world, up close.

The past has demonstrated dry fall seasons are nothing new or rare to California.

And when unfavorable conditions impact fishing, coupled with low salmon-steelhead returns, it’s easy to point fingers. Weather, poor ocean conditions, over estimates, excessive harvest, limited in-stream spawning, or all the above, does anyone really have the answers? They’re STEELHEAD! Keep in mind its mid-November and way too early to evaluate or, case of the impatient, write off 2019 TR Steelhead.

Like Father, like Daughter—Darren and Mariah Victorine exercising talents and fall Trinity trout options.

“Muddler Maddness”- Russ Giuntini with chrome companion.

On a brighter note, for the second year in a row the Klamath received solid steelhead returns. Lower TR weir counts reveal a fair number turned right. Lean numbers throughout the upper TR reach may be an indication fish stalled in the lower canyons, ignoring the calendar, and awaiting desirable flows and conditions. Not to forget Klamath-Trinity steelhead, currently staging in the Pacific, are also awaiting the next flush to make their move. Next round of weather could be the catalyst.

Resembling a native TR summer steelhead- Lewiston Lake perfection.

Despite less than desirable conditions, anglers staying with it and fine tuning their gear, conforming to the demands of spooky steelhead, low glassy H20, and targeting favorite shadowed waters are managing to get a few shots at half-pounders and occasional 3-6 lb. adult steelhead fishing wet and small dry flies during mid-day Blue Wing Olive hatches. Weather forecasters are predicting a change for the upcoming week with the possibilities for a chance of rain. Do the dance. Looking for a low H20, small bug steelhead challenge? Get out and exercise your low water talents and enjoy what is served! See Ya at Hatch Time!

Weeks of a persistent warm high pressure system, low flows and a rich/fertile TR popping aquatics is a primo formula to inspire steelhead to rise to the occasion.