Fishing Jargon (Angling Flap-Jaw)

Lewiston Lake rainbow
Luck beats the odds – Florida angler,
Kaii Burton & tail-water slab.

Yesterday I busted a gut when I was working in the office and semi listening to Chris and others talk fishing. Stories, fishing reports and the standard ribbing one another echoed throughout the shop, everyone uniquely expressing themselves and in great spirits. Cool! As I listened in I couldn’t help but engage. The hype, excitement, anticipation and eagerness to get out on the water got me so jazzed I too felt like I should get out and stretch a line. Still a great buzz after all these years. Damn I’m glad we fish!

Trinity River salmon
Hot temps & dropping flows didn’t deter
C.B. – Fresh run chrome salmon.

Complementing the humor and highlighting fishing conversations/stories is the distinctive language that is often used to describe flies, techniques, favorite waters and fishing in general; Fishing Jargon. An entirely different language that is readily spoken by seasoned veterans and generally voiced or enhanced depending upon “the moment.” Raw- rank, hardcore serious to knee-slappers, there seems to be language and cliché’s that describes most everything about fishing. There could be endless chapters written about fishing jargon however we thought just for fun lets share some favorites. Feel free to comment and add your favorite.

Fishing Reports–Fish pouring into the river—Stacked like cordwood— Jumping on the bank–Walk across their backs—the “wad” is in—Stuffed head to tail—Flooded with fish—Limits the rule

Fishing (Feedback) Reports—Crushed’em—Killed’em—Knocked’em dead—Slayed’em—Jumped on the hook—Solid Grab—Easy ‘n stupid—Ripped their lips—Fishing sucked—Should have been here yesterday—Skunked—Goose egg—Struck out—No fish in the ditch

Favorite Fishing Spots/Waters—The Bucket— the Gut–Honey Hole—Glory Hole—Sweet Spot—Hot Spot—Soft sweetness–the Meat’n potatoes,

Fish Descriptions (Big)—Hog—Slab—Moby—Toad—Old Moe–Lunker
(Small)—Dink—Juvie—Fry—Winki-pop—Wink is better than a stink

Fishing Techniques—Strip tease—Dredging—Tight line twitch–Straight lining—Down-dirty—Scouring—Rip’n tear—-Chugging—Marshmallow fishing

Fishing Action (the bite)— Sip—Pluck– Grab–Rise—Pull–Take— Feeding frenzy—Slam dunk– Inhaled it–Saw the whites of his eyes–Flushed it—Slash and burn–Tug is the drug–Piglet to gator slam

Fishing Etiquette (Lack of)—Pinched—Cut off—Dropped in on—Snaked—Corked—Block’n tackle—Hole hog— A_ _ Hole–( others we feel we shouldn’ print)

Going Fishing—Stretch a line—Rip some lips—Lace’em up and head out—Chase some steel—Head hunting—Rip’n tear—Dissect some candy,

Fishing Slogans – I fish therefore I lie—Steelheading for sanity— Born to fish–Many men go fishing without knowing it is not fish they are after—Early to bed early to rise fish all day and make up lies— Shut up and fish–Fish for today live for tomorrow.

To date still one of my favorite fishing slogans: The worst day of fishing is better than the best day at work. Amen! Even though dropping river flows and the extreme heat has slowed fishing, after this morning post, I’m going to lace’em up and head out, get down and dirty and dredge my favorite glory hole for a slab!

Trinity River steelhead
Joe John Winn & 1st summer steel.