Winter Antifreeze (Its always Christmas on Christmas Island)

Trinity Fly Shop at Christmas Island
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We apologize for the tardy “Current” (Blog) update. We just got back from a South Pacific vacation. After 18 years Kit and I have worked together our schedules finally lined up permitting us to go together to share the stoke at the same time— rare opportunity and time out from the daily rigors. After years of motivation from close friends we decided upon venturing to Christmas Island; a true 180 from the cold; chasing steel and freshwater fishing. To keep peace we also decided to extend the trip for a few weeks in Hawaii to decompress, reflect and share the fun in the sun. Chris held down the shop and the game plan was in place. Little did we know that after a painstaking 9 hr. flight delay in S.F. (to catch the only weekly flight to Christmas Island) once we finally got there it would all fall into place to become a trip and an experience of a lifetime. I now believe; although I had my doubts, good things happen to those who wait.

Herbies Christmas Island Blog
Christmas double

Christmas Island is Pacific atoll in the northern Line Islands and part of the Republic of Kiribati. Located 3,300 miles from San Francisco, 1200 miles south Hawaii and is the largest coral atoll on the planet. It is a fisherman’s paradise offering world class Bonefish and Trevally (numerous exotic species) fishing.( 100 square miles of lagoon and flats while the off shore blue water fishing is an entirely another world). Setting up a group of close friends, avid steelheaders-shadders etc., we’ve known and fished with the past 12-15 years proved to add many other levels of excitement and adventure to the trip—never a dull moment.

Although we got hinged on the flight delay, the fishing Gods blessed us with some screaming full moon tides; excellent for both Bonefish and Trevally options. Fishing was full on and the entire trip was simply overwhelming. The adventure, companionship, lodging, meals, guides and beauty all blended together to consistently activate countless highlights. So, not to bore you with too much I’d like to share the following highlights. For those desiring to fish Christmas Island these are for you!

Christmas Island Highlights

Safe trip, long ways from home, everyone survived and still talking to one another.

Time Out, Kit and I enjoyed our first vacation in 18 years. No phones, computers, TV, workloads—simply got to move with it all.

Landscapes, incredibly beautiful, diverse (reflecting many moods), rich and fertile ecosystems (constantly changing with tides and well managed) supporting unreal bird, fishing options/opportunities shared with close friends.(stimulating sunrises complimented melting sunsets).

Surfing, as an island surfer I could not believe the unexpected perfect surf that consistently tubed lefts and rights without anyone shredding? (Blue lagoon swimming was off the charts) Although wished I had a board…

Christmas island Music, A mix between Hawaiian and reggae; makes the body move-smile-enjoy. An evening performance by a local band left us wanting more…Steve Findley even got to jam with them.

Power thirst Kings, after seriously depleting our favorite beverages Glen asked point blank, “Who drinks more? The Aussies or Americans? The reply—hands down—you— the Americans!

Villages Lodging, the newest beachside operation that offers all the comforts yet allows you to step back in time. Boats are moored right out front and it is only a short trip to the flats or blue water fishing.

Villages Staff, friendly, hardworking and committed to making your stay as enjoyable as possible. Primo guides we all prefer to call friends. Teannaki Kaiboboki runs a tight ship and employees only the best. (His stories and personal island experiences are out of the ordinary, entertaining and often deliver plenty laughter.) Thanks to all the guides-Toney, Joe, Shimano, Neemia, Tetao, Icas and all others. (Not to forget the boat operators and their honed skills).

Villages Meals, fresh, homemade, nutritional and missed. Fresh poo-poo plates each evening and how many ways can you prepare fresh fish and still desire more? Add eye opening breakfasts, full on lunches and you have pacified pallets. Keith and staff are friendly, tentative and very accommodating.

Trinity Fly Shop Christmas Island
Kit-pulling the trigger

Christmas Island Fishing, tides favored a diverse line up. Everyone got their fill of bones, Kit beaching a 10 lb. plus slab, while everyone had shots at Trevally. Glen Stanley scored the tri-fecta (landing GT-Tuna-Wahoo, as well as bones) all on flies. John Van Dyke (SHJ) unveiled the double definition of GT’s. Dave Lougee chased a GT 100yds across the flats. Wayne and I were victimized by a 100lb. marauding mako while attempting to subdue 40 lb. tuna on 10 Wt’s… Steve (officer Ranken or SS Findley) simply got blown away after the evening feeding frenzy on Paris Flat. We’ll let the pic’s do the rest. However, if I had to offer one small bit of advice to anyone planning on fishing Christmas Island it would be: GO BIG OR GO HOME!!!