Trinity Fly Shop Your Local Source (Inspired by where we live & fish)

Trinity Fly Shop
Trinity fly shop & new heavy metal look.

Hey quick shop update. This past summer/early fall many of you stopped by and noticed the Trinity Fly Shop was under construction and some remodeling. Bottom line we needed more space for growth and inventory to better serve you. Finally it has all been completed and just in time for the fall-winter steelhead seasons.

While the economy has been in the reverse mode we felt no better time than now to use this time in a positive way, besides I was tired of getting razzed by my construction friends for pushing a 20 yr. comp roof 26 years. We finally dug deep and went heavy metal. The Trinity Fly Shop’s 8X12 pitch is now supporting a new metal roof that is fire resistant, reflects heat and carries a lighter snow load not to mention should last a lifetime. The 8X12 pitch supports a great walk through storage for inventory and misc. goods, freeing up office space and providing a bit more breathing room. Change is good however no more excuses for those lost notes, phone numbers, invoices and close quarters b/o.

Shop inventory
Change is good-soft wears/lids remodel.

We removed the old classic upright wood burning stove and went electric. Yep the old burner served its purpose for 26 years, granted the dry heat often blew us all out of the shop and provided quick relief coming in from the wet and cold, and retirement was long overdue. The emissions were terrible not only to the environment but shop as well. Surprisingly we found out the old potbelly was actually illegal for resale so off to the recycle center. The entire corner has been cleared and re-opened. We had new rustic wood display shelving installed to better organize and display misc. soft goods and lids, not to mention open up more space; can actually turn around, at least for now.

Pat and Chris took a bull by the horns and stripped the walls of art/photos/ and other shop paraphernalia and sanded wear spots and prepped the walls/ceiling for a complete interior paint job. Whew labor intensive! However the rewards are sweet. The new paint job freshened up the shop’s interior and it’s amazing how much brighter, more cosmetically attractive and inviting it is. Now to cover it all back up with inventory, photos and artwork.

Trinity River solitude
Regardless how bad or how good times may
be people need to get away from their daily
rigors & enjoy—time out & feel’n it!

With the new facelift what is the future of the Trinity Fly Shop? Regardless of how bad or how good times may be people need to get away from their daily rigors and enjoy. No better cure than to go fishing and stretch a line. We are here to fulfill your needs and help make your visit as enjoyable as possible. So we will continue to be here until you say enough. Until then we thank you for your loyal support. We also appreciate your comments and feedback although lately we have been hearing a lot of static, “why no on line shopping?” We apologize and ask to hang in there. Our recent efforts and new improvements are leading to new directions. By January 2012 Online Shopping will be available and we plan on providing you with our deadly flies, name brand soft wears and quality specialty goods, inspired by where we live and fish. It takes time to do it right and we settle for nothing less— our commitment to you and your friends. Trinity Fly Shop-Your Local Source!