The Heat Is On (Hot fun in the summertime)

Brown Trout
Boston angler, Dave LLoyd &
early morning success.

Smoke’n hot temperatures (100 degree plus) have dominated our neck of the woods and much of the north state for the past few weeks. How hot is hot; like cranking up your kitchen oven up to 450 and climbing in! Ouch! It has been quite a few years since we have experienced prolonged sizzling temps and the sweltering heat has challenged most anyone spending time outdoors.
What about those who live outdoors? Fish and wildlife also experience discomfort from the heat. Like many of us they tend to lay low, taking advantage of early morning, late evening hours and nocturnal behaviors for most activities. As temperatures soar and water temps rise, trout and salmon become lethargic, seeking cool deep water pools or highly oxygenated waters, and even become susceptible to diseases and parasites. In fact, in an effort to help Trinity River fisheries, this summer anglers are surprised to witness a Trinity River flow increase. August 13 the Bureau of Reclamation increased flows from 450cfs. to 1050cfs. to supplement flows in the lower Klamath to help protect a possible record-breaking run of adult Chinook salmon from disease outbreak and mortality. Releases will vary between 1000cfs. to 1200cfs. and drop to 450cfs. late September. (For current flows/forecasts check out river conditions on our site).

Lewiston Lake
Mark Burton barefoot’n &
catch’n on Lewie.

A cooling trend is forecasted in the near future but until then how do you find relief? Hanging out at your favorite watering hole is no brainer and our favorite way to elude a meltdown and enjoy temporary comfort. Despite the heat surprisingly there are still some exciting fishing opportunities currently firing off. Check out these Trinity heat busters!
Trinity lake-Great opportunities for all family members and a personal summertime favorite. Swimming, boating, skiing, wakeboarding receive top billing however wet wading and casting small flies for eager bluegill and bass is a kick for all levels anglers. Target most any points and rocky shorelines. A 3-4 wt. rod and variety of small leeches, nymphs and rubberlegs will do it.
Trinity Alps – work up a sweat to cool down in the high altitudes and wilds of the Trinity Alps. Although this may not be the best time of year to target lake fishing the solitude, screaming scenery of the rugged Trinities, diving in the cold, gin clear waters of a pristine lake, clean mountain air and a shot at some high mountain brookies is a full on chill out and stoke for anyone.
Trinity Freestones – Upper Trinity R., Coffee Cr., Swift cr., Stuarts Fork are little gems that support excellent colorful native trout populations. Wet wading provides soothing comfort from the heat while target casting pocket waters with your 2-3 wt. and high riding dries in remote settings is drip-dry satisfying.
Trinity Salmon – Crack of dawn is key for transitioning fish movements. Target traditional riffles, glides and tailouts. Once the sun bleaches out the shallows, you’re generally toast. Rare but mid-day can be productive for holding slabs. Deep water scouring presentations are required yet may be a bit redundant for some. Want a whopper? Stay with it!!!

Lewiston Rainbow
Kaii Burton pimp’n Dragons/Damsels.

Lewiston Lake – Increased lake and river flows has cooled water temps and triggered consistent mid-day damsel/dragon hatches as well as late evening midge hatches. Float tubes/pontoons are always a great approach targeting Lewie’s tailwaters and cooling down. However, barefooting in an aluminum boat/pram, in Lewie’s icy waters, can help to generate popsicle toe relief from the heat and also offers an elevated sight vantage for cruising targets.
Trinity Fly Only Waters – Despite higher flows quality activity is still happening. Deep water nymphing/streamer fishing dominates early and late. Some fish still targeting sporadic PMD hatches around 4 to 8 pm. 2012 has represented one of the best “native” summer steelhead runs in years. Let current conditions dictate approach, beef up tippits and fish with a smile. Closes September 15…

If you can’t experience a good time and cool down with something in this line up you deserve to be a baked couch potato. See ya in the water— on the cool down!

Trinity River River float
Summer Steelhead on drys?
Just ask Chad Sayre.
Have fun in the summer time
– come for the float of it….