Straight from the Line-ups (West Side Scoop)

As of this post it is currently raining and the past week of unseasonably cool summer weather, temps 15-20 degrees below the norm, has been a real blessing from the heat; setting the stage for some full on local fishing options.

Beautiful Trinity County

Early morning Trinity bonus.

Up top, wilderness anglers yearning to stretch a line in headwaters—don’t; at least not just yet. The south slopes of the Trinity Alps currently reflect a deceptive snow free appearance. According to our good friend and fisheries bio., Justin Garwood, high water run- off and snowed- in conditions prevail on the north slopes. Justin recently returned from a very eventful trip into the Alps. Not only was he surprised to witness the amount of late season snow but also got caught in a series of electrical storms and rain. No place to hide. Add soggy/wet sleeping conditions and encountering a bear and you have a personal experience to remember for quite some time; especially when you are all by yourself. Ug! Justin how do you do it? For additional wilderness info and trail conditions you can always contact the Weaverville Forest Service (530) 623-6757.

Fly fishing Lewiston Lake

Kit raising the roof – flats slab.

Trinity Lake is full and intercepting tributaries are finally beginning to settle down. East side streams are now beginning to fish while the north and west side tributaries are still flowing with a healthy amount of steam. Remarkable this much runoff this time of year! River mouth/Boca fishing remains very good for those targeting the “mix”… Stuarts, Papoose, Swift , North-East Forks all good prospects for quality trout fishing…Dredging deep with full sink/sink tips and streamers/leeches dominates early mornings and when in doubt. Some mid-day and late evening aquatic hatches (PMDs-Yellow Sallies-Midge) has inspired some very good nymph and dry fly fishing. A mixed bag of 12-16” hatchery and native rainbow stocks dominate catches although some very impressive slabs up to 4 lbs. have entered lineups.

Summer Steelhead

Confidence, positive attitude,
persistence = native Summer Steelhead.

Lewiston Lake – despite all the high water this tailwater just keeps on fish ‘in and providing smiles of success. Reduced flows and consistent water releases have allowed conditions to settle in and become somewhat predictable. Depending on the weather the “Flats” have been yielding some very good nymph and dry ops during overcast conditions. (past week has been nothing short of stellar!) Midge, some aquatic wasp, callibaetis and damsels receive top billing and inspire larger fish to cruise, sip and graze. Want to raise the roof and accept the flats challenge? Go head hunting on the flats. Minimum 12ft. Leaders and 5X tippits are standard fare to compliment Lewiston’s “gin-tonic” clarity; not to mention the lift- easy- approach is necessary for cruising heavyweights. Maintain patience, as good things generally happen to those who wait. Keep in mind timing and precision as there is little room to faulter—one good cast at the right time is better than ten hacks. When all comes together the rewards are often measured in pounds, not to mention the staggering visual is itched deeply in the mind. On the flip side, anglers dredging the channels with full sink lines/sink tips/clear camos are scoring fishing streams/leeches/wool-buggers in sizes 6-12 (olives-black-wine)…Mid-day sunny conditions fishing tends to slow as fish develop heavy eyelids and head for the depths. But wait! Just before dark, yep, Louie comes on again; giving late afternoon arrivals and others one more shot and a round of evening opportunity and fun.

Trinity River Salmon fishing

Summer Chinook hook-up.

Trinity River – finally dropping (currently 900cfs. & dropping 50 cfs./leveling out to 450 end of the mo.) and the lead edge of the spring Chinook runs have arrived. Beautifully bright slabs, averaging 8-12 lbs., are bending a few rods although we recently witnessed a 20 lb. hen caught by one stoked angler sporting a grin from ear to ear. Pays to get up early and get on it. Don’t hold your breath and if you know where to look there is some summer steel to be had. Chris Christensen (C-) recently scored on a beautifully bright 4 lb. native hen greased- lining our Steelhead Renegade pattern; just enough trickling through to keep most guessing and yet enough to re-enforce the use of 1X. Dropping river flows have also allowed the “Fly Only” waters to ripen and deliver some quality action. Reduced flows, legible runs, minimal pressure, screaming scenery and a mixed bag of ops should be enough to inspire most anyone seeking diversity and quality. Have fun in the summertime!