March 7—Late Winter Last Chance Steel (sure cure for any cabin-spring fever)

Bill Closs
Bill Closs, Trinity Loch-Leven.

Frogs are croaking, birds are chirping, vegetation buds are popping and wildlife is abundant—Spring fever is easy to catch as another beautiful Trinity landscape is awakening. However, a recent series of cold, wet and windy weather patterns continues to dominate and remind us, “old man winter” still maintains his grip and reluctant to leave. The winter-spring transition is an intense time of year and a personal favorite. Virtually no fishing pressure, late winter native steelhead are still available for those willing to dig’em out highlighted with sensitive, yet predictable, mid-day aquatic hatches inspiring both anadromous and resident fish to selectively feed on the surface. A unique time of constant change, exciting and diverse fishing opportunities and sure cure for any cabin/spring fever.

Trinity River guided trip
Steve Jensen, 1st steelhead on fly.

To date, the upper Trinity (Junction City – Lewiston) is clear and offering healthy flows and good late season opportunities. Recently, Bill Closs and Steve Jensen, from Los Altos, fished with us and scored on a Poor Man’s New Zealand success… Steve scored on his first steelhead on the fly while Bill landed two beautiful Loch-Leven browns… Skinny Otis, from Carmel, fished with Kit to land two for four steelhead hooked. “The Mr. Pimp,” has more than proven its late season success while copper-tone stones. “The rock”, and olive breadcursts in sizes 2-4-6 are other great late season wet fly choices. The menu for dies is easy—a variety of Callibaetis patterns (“punk-rocker” always deadly—see Straight From the Fly Bench for details), parachutes, compara-duns in sizes 12-14 while adult olive stones in sizes 8-10-12 yielding the occasional toilet-bowl flush surface takes. 4X tippits rule for those targeting on top…

Native Steelhead
Skinny Otis, native chrome.

Below JC the Trinity is holding healthy flows due to secondary rivers and tributaries—big H20’s…Quality lower river winter steelheading is available right up until our “springers” show—April (when the dogwoods bloom). Windows of opportunity are all up to runoff and Ma’ nature… Feeling Lucky? – Go For It!