Home Grown Trinity (Great vacation & bang for the $)

Trinity Alps hiking
Hiking the Trinity Alps.

Before you know it major holidays will be upon us, schools out for summer and many families will be hitting the road for annual vacations. Now is the time to plan. Don’t let the economy or current gas prices get you down. Need an exciting and affordable one shot destination fix that is great for all family members and within relatively close striking distance from the Bay Area? Welcome to Trinity County! (HWY 299West, 45 minutes from Redding, 41/2 hrs. from the Bay Area). Base yourself in or around the beautiful mountain community of historic Lewiston. Why Lewiston? Within walking distance or half-hour, outdoor enthusiasts have options to enjoy Fishing (world class conventional & fly fishing for salmon-steelhead-trout-bass)Hunting, Hiking, Backpacking, Mountain Biking, Rock Climbing, Camping, House boating, Swimming, Wakeboarding/skiing, Golfing, Horseback riding, Rafting/kayaking, Wildlife viewing, Touring Historic Towns, Art Museums, or simply come for fresh air and relaxation.

Trinity River
Flourishing Trinity River beauty.

Sounding too much like a used car sales pitch? Based upon my personal experiences with this wilderness paradise I can pass on, straight up, Trinity County is true to its beauty, user friendly for all family members and delivers quality unlimited outdoor opportunities. Our kids often reflect back on the past and comment, Trinity experiences are some of our family’s best of times. Few other areas can deliver such a diverse line up of exciting outdoor opportunities that are easily accessible and sure to pacify; especially devoted fishing junkies. Anglers can choose from fifty-three high mountain wilderness lakes, sixteen hundred miles of fishable streams, three major impoundments (Trinity –Lewiston-Ruth lakes), and one hundred twenty miles of the famed Trinity River for world class salmon-trout-steelhead-bass. North-South-East-West, any direction, Trinity anglers are faced with an overwhelming lineup of promising fisheries throughout the entire year. Plan accordingly; keep in mind time of year, family age/ interests and time available. With a little strategy savvy vacationing anglers can easily step into a line up for a daily session and return with plenty of time for other activities and outdoor opportunities, keeping peace in the family.

Lewiston Lake fly fishing
Chad & Mason Sayre show how
it’s done.

Need further inspiration and sound advice? Beautiful Trinity County is surrounded by vast forest lands and wilderness areas offering many breath taking views. Guaranteed to inspire and stoke. Visiting Trinity’s small mountain communities is like stepping back in time. No high rise buildings or Wal-Marts. Clean air and country settings filled with small businesses committed to free spirit and country living. Unique Mom and Pop businesses are scattered throughout the county—finding them is like a great catch! These businesses are essential to Trinity’s identity. By patronizing them you not only reward yourself by making your travel experience far richer, you’ll be supporting them to ensure they pass on to the next generation. For complete and exciting details contact Trinity Co. Chamber (530) 623-6101, trinitycounty.com. Or, you can always stay in touch with Trinity Fly Shop (530) 623-6757, trinflyguy@shasta.com for current conditions, fish reports and local advice. 2012 vacation destination—it’s a no brainer! See ya sooner than later!

Trinity County fireworks
Old Lewiston Bridge Annual celebration