Hanging out at the Watering Hole (steelhead crunching dries)

Trinity River Steelhead

It’s been a barn burner the past week, over 100 degrees, and most anyone in their right mind is hanging out at their favorite watering hole. Angling pressure has been light and the few fishing are surprisingly finding some quality action early and late.

In a nut shell, high country lakes and upper headwater streams are delivering some reprieve from the heat and providing some dry fly activity for small colorful brook and rainbows. Lewiston Lake is starting to kick some damsel hatches midmornings to early afternoons and the upper Trinity is supporting pulses of summer chinook and steelhead; once the sun bleaching out waters your toast. A cooling trend is forecasted and should back off temps and improve conditions; that is if the approaching low isn’t associated with thunder/lightening. Hold your breath; the entire north state is dryer than a popcorn fart.

It’s generally about 4pm our shop swamp cooler is on overtime and, at 102 degrees, just doesn’t cut it. Closed signs are turned, till cashed out, bevs iced and headed off to our favorite waters to chill. The past few days we’ve opted not to bring a rod and fish with a camera. Late evening hatches have inspired some unique summer steelhead surface feeding activity that has been a pure joy to observe and photograph. Unmolested, no pressure, no boats; true natural behavior and rhythms of adult summer- runs taking advantage of the bug factory. Our apologies for the poor photography and limited camera skills/movements, catching fresh runs, sipping bon-bons, through a lens is, well, you take a peek and let us know. Have fun in the summertime!!!