POOR MAN’S NEW ZEALAND (Last Chance for Winter Steel?)


Nikki Steegan has every right to holler’n shout-Catching/releasing her first steelhead on a fly, with the guidance of Darren Victorine

This post comes much too late however sometimes you just have to slow the train down, take some time off to enjoy the ride and reboot.

Straight From the Lineups

Fish On!

It ain’t over till it’s over according to Mike Morris and tight line counterpart

Trinity River

March madness recently delivered a one-two punch that belted NorCal with much needed rain and snow. The latest round of weather was one of this winter’s strongest storms and helped replenish a dismal snow pack in the Trinity Alps (30%) and refueled the Trinity River; activating late season steelhead movements, bug hatches and firing up fishing and anglers.

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Teach a child how to fly fish and have a friend for Life!-Carlo & Tavlyn Bereono savoring the moment after releasing her first steelie!

Not since the movie “A River Runs through It” ignited a mega jolt of fly fishing popularity have we witnessed the latest addition of newbies expressing interest in fly fishing. Not everyone is jumping on the bandwagon. Most unusual is the latest surge of young children, mostly under 15 yrs. of age, expressing interests, suiting up and eager to learn how to cast and fly fish.

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