34 YEAR BRIEF (End of an Era)

Kit Kreick

After 23 yrs. Kit Kreick is retiring from the guiding profession and TFS

No, it is not a rumor. After twenty-three (23) years, of great fun and a major highlight of our lives, Kit Kreick has retired from the guiding profession and TFS to peruse other interests. While a few of us saw it coming, it is still a jaw dropper to witness another great leave the industry.

I vividly remember the day a stout keen and ambitus, fifteen year old walked into our shop, asked the right questions and said the right things; immediately setting the stage for his new adventure and long term employment with TFS. Kit excelled unlike anyone I have witnessed, taking fly tying and fishing to another level, and swiftly evolved into one of the most accomplished and highly recognized fly fisherman and fishing guide anyone could hook up with. His upbeat personality, passion for the sport and outdoors, infectious enthusiasm and laughter cultivated a loyal following. His uncanny fishing/hunting/guiding skills can be matched by few others and consistently proved rewarding for all level anglers. Anyone that spent a day on the water with Kit experienced a memorable time. We support and wish Kit and his family the very best.

South Pacific

May be the end of an era but memories are forever-Chime’n In South Pacific.

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Trinity Lake

Stunning beauty and one of California’s largest and finest fisheries – Trinity lake remarkably filled last winter.

Just when you thought there was a glimmer of warm sunny weather settling in and one last shot for late season TR steel, Ma Nature delivers another one-two punch series of frontal systems bringing more rain and snow (to 3000ft.). Is it spring, winter, where are we? Runoff and snow pack has fueled Trinity Lake capacities, exceeding 90 %, prompting water agencies to throttle the valve, jacking Trinity River flows to 1500cfs…Influenced with additional secondary runoff, the TR is currently high, turbid and unfishable. In fact recent chatter is more than likely the Trinity basin will be allocated an “Extreme” water yr.; translating TR high flows peaking above 10,000cfs. and remain high through the month of July (refer to TR flow chart).

Trinity River Flows

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Moe, Larry & Curly

When things get tight, others are also feeling the pain and Guides are not the only ones aced out of work and impacted by this winter’s rage.

Without a doubt all the rain and snow this past winter has been a blessing and great reprieve from one of the worst droughts in Ca history. However raging rivers, lakes exceeding capacities and monster snow packs, (185% above average) are conditions many guides have never witnessed, and winter isn’t over. Weeks of unforeseen cancellations have unfortunately resulted in some financial hardships. Mortgage payments due, business overhead and cost of living revenues dwindling what to do? All of a sudden living the dream has shifted into a survival mode. How do fishing guides keep their head above water when winter’s rage impacts bread-butter fisheries for weeks, possibly months?

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