Bits & Pieces-Weddings – Release (Catching up- local flap jaw)

Newly Weds
The Newly Weds.

It has been awhile since we have posted a new blog. All I can say is bear with us as it has been way too busy, business and domestically, around here lately. We would like to say thank you for all for the positive and inspiring comments regarding our last blog (Future of Fly Shops), reconfirms our reason for being. Here is a minor taste of what has been and will be happening in our neck of the woods.

Trinity Fly Shop Wedding – March 10, our son Chris & Loreli Burton were married. A beautiful springtime sunny day blessed the ceremony that was attended by close family members on the TFS casting lawn. (No, there was no casting event afterwards)! A small reception was held at our house, catered by Allan Guggia — Oak Pit Bar-B-Q and the newlyweds were quickly off to Kauai for some fun in the sun. A larger reception is slated for the near future. Congratulations Chris and Loreli and we all wish you the very best!

Landon & favorite quarry.

New Kid on the Block – By now most of you have met our new floor retail sales employee, Landon Fredrickson. Landon started with us last fall and helped many of you throughout the 2012 winter steelhead season. His personality, eagerness to help and hype is infectious. Landon is 27 years young, a local Trinity County resident, resides in Poker Bar along the banks of his favorite fishery, the Trinity River. (He has fish named and numbered in the famed “Society Pool,”) He started fly fishing only three (3) years ago. Within that short time period he has excelled and become an accomplished angler; gifted with great natural angling talents and consistently delivers a dead on tight loop. He is on the water almost daily. Believe me you don’t want to fish behind him. His favorite quarry is the brown trout, favorite fly-“the Rock”. Landon will be taking over Chris B’s retail sales position, (no worry, CB is still TFS computer tech and very much in tune with operations, directions and future on-line sales) and following in his footsteps. And you know what they say about guys with big feet—they’ve got a lot of shoe to fill!

Dry fly fishing

April 1-“Fly Only” Waters Re-Open – No big secret and eagerly awaited by many. As of this post early season prospects appear very promising. Recent river fluctuations, from heavy spring rains, has inspired good numbers of late run winter steelhead (both hatchery/native stocks) into the upper reach TR. Along with thousands of newly planted out-migrants, rebounding kelts and some resident rainbow and brown trout anglers will have a full line up to target. Despite recent harsh weather, these waters are notorious for remaining clear even during some of the most adverse conditions. Highlighting the opener Trinity Fly Shop will offer a Blowout Sale (Rods-Reels-Waders-Boots and much more—look for the smok’n hot Red tags). Stop by and check us out! So why wait for the General Trout Opener? Come and get you’re Ya-Ya’s.

2011-2012 Trinity River Hatchery Summaries – Across the board, impressive returns and for those questioning the runs— better off not to know. So whether you like it or not here they are, the final 2011-2012 DFG TR Hatchery Trapping Summary: Steelhead-5,784 (2010 –2,037)***Remember steelhead summaries represent a percentage of “hatchery” adults only, Chinook-22,302 (2010 –11,908), Coho-4,784 (2010 –4,215). More great news!!! A recent publication, from TWO RIVERS TRIBUNE, has indicated the 2012 fall Chinook salmon run is to be one of the largest returns on modern day record; the projected run, a staggering 1.5 mil. Chinook salmon. (The run size is based on a multitude of data gathered every year by tribal, state and federal agencies). Generally what is good for salmon is good for other anadromous fish. Brace yourself and plan accordingly.

Busman’s Holiday – Good things happen to those who wait. Throughout the entire 2011-2012 steelhead season both Kit and I took a lot of B.S. for not catching many steelhead ourselves.

Why? A full work load got in the way (we thank you)! However a recent trip cancellation, at an absolute perfect time, but for the wrong reason, permitted us to jump into the line ups and engage in one of the most epic outings Kit, my brother Glenn and I have experience in many years. Long overdue rains stirred a new shuffle of fresh run fish and activated a three hour dry fly crunch. A projected major storm backed off formulating “Classic” conditions; falling barometer, moist heavy air, no wind, and warming afternoon temps activated a major aquatic Pop! Extended durations of intense Callibaetis, BWO, PMD’s, Calineuria, Caddis and Crainflies hatches got the attention of steelhead, bows and browns and permitted all three of us to socially fish dries, in less than a 50 yd. stretch, experiencing a mind boggling explosion of multiple hatches and off the wall success. (Two doubles, five steelhead, four browns, three bows, lost count of those missed/farmed and an empty 30 pack of blues at the tailgate). No pipe dream and not a flashback folks! Simply, right place at the right time. Chalk one up for our home waters and the generous fishing Gods. Now get out there and make your own reports—See ya on the opener!!!

GB-steelie on dry Arm full of Loch leven Kit late season dry fly steel
GB-steelie on dry
Arm full of Loch leven
Kit late season dry fly steel