Be Careful What You Wish For (6 1/4”of rain in 36 hrs.)

Trinity River Steelhead
Hugh & hefty native buck.

This year’s steelhead season has been challenging for most everyone. While fishing has been good for those who time it right others have not been so fortunate. Pockets of beautiful fish have been filtering through the system with warm sunny Indian summer conditions dominating; creating “dig’em”out demanding conditions. For the most part it has been a very enjoyable early season highlighted with some screaming beauty and impressive success. However many felt an early season rain would be the solution to even better fishing. Well, those who did the rain dance and prayed for the juice got it. Sunday the first major storm of the season brought a whopping 61/4” of rain in a 36 hr. period—Blowing out the entire watershed with a royal flushing.

Fly fishing the Trinity River
Indian summer solitude…

The upper river (Douglas City) jacked up from 300 cfs. to 1800cfs…The lower system (Hoopa) peaked from 800cfs. to 12,000 cfs… Remember it is only late October. If this doesn’t get the fish moving, confused or even disorientated I don’t know what will. Past experiences have revealed all secondary rivers (North-South Trinities & New River) as well as most all tributary streams will siphon runs from the main stem, diluting major fish concentrations. A natural selection process for all “native” stocks that happens each and every year after the first significant rains and water fluctuations. On the other hand it is full steam ahead as Hatchery stocks tend to race through the system, huddled and regimented, until arriving at the Lewiston facility. Hurry up to wait mentality. Production personnel will simply release the unripe steelhead back into the system for a repeat migration. Just when they thought they were home?

Lower Trinity fly fishing
Johnnie go steelie!

All north coast rivers are flowing and re-opening for what appears to be a very promising early season. Steelheaders now have a wide variety of top prospects to stretch a line. Rare to have so many rivers coming into shape with strong possibilities so early in the season. Currently the Trinity River is dropping and starting to fish once again. However more rain is in the forecast for the next few days. Weather forecasters indicated a La Nina’ (wet) fall-winter. It seems to be following the trend—time will tell. A steelhead’s world is constantly changing. Keeping this in mind I have preached it is always best to call ahead for current conditions. TRINITY FLY SHOP is your “Local Source” for accurate and reliable (on the river) reports and up dated information. 530-623-6757 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it is your connection for a quality Trinity Experience. (Need Help—Herb-Pat-Kit-Chris-Luke are here to answer your questions & help get you hooked up).