34 YEAR BRIEF (End of an Era)

Kit Kreick

After 23 yrs. Kit Kreick is retiring from the guiding profession and TFS

No, it is not a rumor. After twenty-three (23) years, of great fun and a major highlight of our lives, Kit Kreick has retired from the guiding profession and TFS to peruse other interests. While a few of us saw it coming, it is still a jaw dropper to witness another great leave the industry.

I vividly remember the day a stout keen and ambitus, fifteen year old walked into our shop, asked the right questions and said the right things; immediately setting the stage for his new adventure and long term employment with TFS. Kit excelled unlike anyone I have witnessed, taking fly tying and fishing to another level, and swiftly evolved into one of the most accomplished and highly recognized fly fisherman and fishing guide anyone could hook up with. His upbeat personality, passion for the sport and outdoors, infectious enthusiasm and laughter cultivated a loyal following. His uncanny fishing/hunting/guiding skills can be matched by few others and consistently proved rewarding for all level anglers. Anyone that spent a day on the water with Kit experienced a memorable time. We support and wish Kit and his family the very best.

South Pacific

May be the end of an era but memories are forever-Chime’n In South Pacific.

Moving forward, with a new stride, we are proud to hook up with Darren Victorine and Brian Clemens, who strongly support TFS operations/directions and available (Year-Round) to fulfill your guiding needs. Both are very talented individuals with great fishing/guiding experience and reputations and eager to share their knowledge and passion. Check them out and feel free to contact them directly or arrange trips through Trinity Fly Shop -Your Local Source.

Darren on Darren

TrinityRiverFly@gmail.com – My first introduction to the Trinity River was 1989, when I was fifteen yrs. old, when a family friend, and exception fly fisherman, invited me to go fishing. We fished the “fly only” section during the spring opener. What an amazing trip! Even though I didn’t land that beautiful steelhead that smashed my skating muddler, I was hooked and a passion for fly fishing and the Trinity River was born.

I began guiding the Trinity River in 2012 with the belief that everyone should have the chance to experience the same incredible feeling that I have each and every time I step into the beautiful waters of the Trinity River. For me guiding is a growing passion and has brought a whole new level of enjoyment to fishing. I feel so fortunate to be living in Trinity County and have the opportunity to share my knowledge and experience with other fly fishers.

Brian on Brian

www.norcalflyguides.com – Brian was born and raised in Upstate New York where his passion for fishing started at a very young age. After graduating from high school he joined the United States Air-force becoming a U-2 Aircraft Mechanic and was stationed at Beale AFB, California. He soon discovered the waters of northern California and began fishing once again.

IN 2005, his fly fishing journey began while searching for steelhead, trout, salmon and bass in northern California, Oregon, New York and Alaska.
In 2009, his passion blossomed into a career as a fly fishing guide in northern California as well as Alaska. Brian’s knowledge, hard work, patience and dedication to the sport have brought him and his guests much success on the Trinity, Feather, American, Yuba and lower Sacramento Rivers. No matter what species, fishing technique and fishing experience you seek, he will ensure an enjoyable day and unforgettable experience on the water.

Trinity Fly Shop 2017

Herb and Patty

Herb-Pat Burton 34 yrs. strong in the fly fishing industry

Like most everything else, the fly fishing retail industry isn’t what it used to be. Majority dealers have jumped on the internet bandwagon and on-line sales have consumed a major slice of the pie, convenience, consumer direct, overstocked blowout sales, free shipping etc., hell, it’s no wonder many retail fly shops have permanently closed the doors; retail “glory days” are over folks. So what is happening with the Trinity Fly Shop? I guess we simply don’t know any better and choose to- STAY THE COURSE AND ENJOY THE RIDE. We’re born to fish, committed to serve you and your friends, and dedicated to help ensure your Trinity experiences are enjoyable successful and memorable. Because of your continued loyal support we are able to keep our heads above water (doors open year-round) and maintain a full service fly shop that is filled to the gills with bad-to-the-bone locally designed flies, quality goods, services and much more to fulfill your fly fishing needs. The only change you will notice, after 34 yrs. guiding, I will be winding down my guide services and devoting more time in the shop to better serve you and your friends; I haven’t retired from guiding, guiding is retiring me. We look forward to answering your questions and helping you all. We thank you for Your Support!!!

Trinity Raw-TR flows (Bureau allocated Extreme Yr. for 2017) will remain high through July! General Trout Opener is APRIL 29-30; unfortunately all streams (including high mountain wilderness waters) will be high and unfishable until spring runoff subsides. If your one of those whining about too much water—get over it! Remarkably all lakes are full and there are some excellent local Stillwater (Trinity- Ruth-Grass Valley Lakes) Tailwater (Lewiston Lake) and River Mouths/inlets (North-East Trinity Rivers-Swift-Stuarts Fork), options available (bring- boat, pram, pontoon or tube). Need helpful advice (fly/tackle selections-boat rentals- lodging-camping) fishing updates–you know the local source www.trinityflyshop.com – (530) 623-6757—-Get Out There!!!

Darren Chris Landon

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